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05 Oct 2018

To Believe and To Love. This is the main meaning of life.


- Did you ever have a situation when you loving somebody let her go? Loving so much to the tremble and up to 200 beats of heart per minute. Yes? But why did you let her go then? - This is the meaning of love, when you truly love, you let her or him go. -Did it hurt you for a long time? -Long ... long time. My grandfather once told me. I could remember easily his words. After all, so much wisdom and pain that evening I saw in his eyes. How often do we invent problems and bother with stupid things? So often we forget about nobility, wisdom, strength of mind. Why has modern human become such a cruel egotist? He became a hostage to his own cell, the cell of comfort. We so quickly get used to the invaluable feelings, people, moments that we lose them. We lose quickly and slowly, painfully and indifferently. But after a while we hate ourselves and the circumstances, blame the whole world. But the world is guilty, but our inaction and carelessness. I have found out already the price of love and now having found it, I will take care of it and appreciate it, and look after it, like after the most fragile flower in the world.