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07 Oct 2018

What does a healthy relationship mean???

by Valeri1555

Love takes a very important position in our lives. Love makes us stronger, kinder, better. But I understand that this concerns not all. Very often in a relationship there is no equality. There is no equal love. When such love is in our lives, it is not love. It's an addiction. Do you agree with me, dear reader? Addiction is a sign of weakness. But why do many people call it love? For me, healthy love is when two people are equal. When they love each other equally. When there is care and there is no"suffocating control". There is respect, but there is no sense that "someone owes." There is a desire to do something, and no expectations of getting something in return. What about quarrels? They're in every relationship. And it's also a sign of a healthy relationship. Today we can wake up with one thoughts and mood, tomorrow everything is different. We don't change, it only changes our perception of the present day. Comes the realization that we are different. There are no absolutely identical people and we must accept the differences and seek compromises. What does a healthy relationship mean to you?