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07 Oct 2018

I believe I will be EXTREMELY HAPPY with you!!

by BonnyStar1343

And who is YOU I want to be extremely happy? You are the man with a great sense of humor who can laugh not only with me but from yourself!!! You are the man whose bed will be broken from strong feelings of love...and I will help you)) As you could notice I am a positive not young lady who wants to share my positive fluids with YOU!!! )) I suppose, everyone can live as every day is a repetition of yesterday!!! What about to live every day as if you rescued anyone: as if you helped an old woman to carry her bag, as if you found a house for a homeless dog or kitten? My life is not repetition of yesterday!!!! Would you like to be my partner, lover and give me your heart that will be filled with joy, happiness, love, passion of mine? Warmly, Oksana