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09 Oct 2018

Breaking the rules and getting pleasure !


Life has a definite scheme where we fall from birth ... Mom's first hugs, kindergarten, school, university, work, children ... There is a constant battle for the best place in the sun or just follow where the whirlpool of events directs. I lived like this until recently, and recently I realized that I was missing something very important. As the missing ingredient in the spicy dish. A very important spice is missed - and the taste becomes completely different. So I decided to look for my "missing ingredient" here. I am one of those women who have always tried to do everything right, as it is written in the encyclopedia for girls and in the book about domestic science). But was I ever really happy? When I asked myself about it - I realized that I could not answer this question correctly as a lawyer, but as an experienced lady - certainly. It is necessary to break laws and rules, experiment and not think about the opinions of others. Just if it seems to you that you are doing everything right, but you are not happy - down with such rules! It was as if I saw the world from the other side, but only a small part of it, and now I want to see it completely, with a person whom I will definitely meet here. A little confidence, ease of thought, readiness for new actions and less prejudice - this is the main set of ingredients in order to feel the new taste of life. I am not afraid to talk about my shortcomings and my mistakes. I am looking for a man from another world, in whom I have not been before. Therefore, I am here. Breaking the rules together and getting pleasure from it - who can forbid it to two people in love?) I sincerely hope that my blog will help some people to be at least a little happier and help me find someone who is already moving towards my heart. Olga