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04 Nov 2018

Dancing - is it just movement or passion and the call of the soul ?!

by Wonka

Hello dear reader !!! Do you like to dance? What if I become your personal teacher?) Are you ready to move your hips in the same rhythm with me?) I will tell you a little secret ... in order to love to dance))) it is not necessary to be able to do it !!! Dance ... this is not a memorized movement !!! Dance is the call of the soul! And thanks to the dance, a person can convey his mood !!! The main thing is to follow the call of the body ... and move to the rhythm of the music ... even if it seems to you that the bear in your ear has come !!)))) lol I love to dance so much, and in dancing I open my soul, I show my passion, I show my pain and all that I have in my heart at the moment. I am a woman with an open heart, and I want to ask you - do you want me to have a special place in my heart for you?) Hugs and kisses!!! Elena