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04 Nov 2018

Dont let your soul get frozen...!


Hello my dear reader) let me touch you to the bottom of your heart?! Would you like to reach my heart as well? Because i want to bring there endless warmth and joy! No matter that if i look out of the window there is a fall... The autumn has come and everybody talks about how cold is here ... but you know I think we can have the hot shower, bath, have cup of tea of coffee , in a word, we can find a way out of the situation ... much worse when not the body is frozen , but the soul .... what do then ????? I think it really the problem when we come from work to empty house and nobody is waiting for you, everything is cold and inconvenient... Every person need his or her soul mate... not just because somebody wrote this ... but because its our nature, our requirement... the thing without we cant live... Somepeople can say- "Oh, its enough.Im done! Just sick and tired of pain and betrayal ...!"But the time goes, the here our searching goes again ... Just curious thing right ? Thats why we was born like this, that we are dependent on people, of tenderness, care,warmth and comfort...we are depend on love and we cant do nothing with it !!!! I think we just mustnt stop out heart , our heart knows what to do....and i want to say... please... dont let your soul get frozen ... just let him bloom ...depend of love ... because its so natural ....!!!what is autumn for you? Do you enjoy it?? Do you know that after the autumn a winter will come? An Ice Queen will freeze every one but not us.. as we will develop a fire in our hearts and bodies...))) I wish you have the great sunny day there )))