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05 Nov 2018

To sit by a fire, to drink a glass of wine...

by BonnyStar13

November…rain…strong wind…it is very cold outside and I have so hot heart inside dull of love!!! I wish I could sit by a fire place now and drink a glass of wine and look into your eyes… But where are your eyes now, my future handsome husband? Are you looking at my profile photos watching a TV program? Are you reading my blog now or imagining our first date?)) We all run every morning and don’t notice that life is running too!))) I don’t want to run! I don’t want to be in a hurry! I want to drink coffee with you in the morning and be late at work)) Do you like my idea? I want to walk around the wood, my future intelligent husband, while you are holding my hand in yours and whispering into my ear, “You are the best woman I have ever seen!” Yes, I am very romantic and I like this in me)). All these small romantic moments make my life full of life and happiness! Although I am alone now and waiting for you, my future romantic husband, I can dream of more interesting romantic moments we can have together in future!!! And maybe you can see your future with so wonderful blonde like me?) I would be happy to receive your letter in this cold autumn evening… Warmly, Oksana