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05 Nov 2018

Why men are so scared to.commit here!

by Andrew:372369

Hello. Thx for reading this blog post. As many of the men here can attest to, we receive alot.of email from.women that are beautiful and educated. Let's be real though, few men here have traveled to the Ukraine or Russia and seen that women are that attractive and smart there. And in the USA these men don't get a second glance from American women. Why? While ladies here send professional pics of themselves in provocative poses I think it has the opposite effect. It scares men into thinking this is "unreal!" And when we read the messages of love and passion and devotion in the first or second letter it genuinely seems like we are all here to look at models and get playful email. Speaking for myself having traveled extensively to the Ukraine and Russia, a man need visit these beautiful places to understand the pull on our consciences. Do we engage in conversation with such women...women that seem unreal, or do we wait for that right one? There is no way to know. Many men here have never had to pay to chat with women or write letters.and so if.a very few of us have been fortunate to have smart beautiful women paying seems counterproductive. The more we pay the more messages we receive. An example....women from Lugansk or Donetsk. Most men don't know that getting into and out of those places is dangerous and probably will never happen. Or that the Crimea is not as it was in summer of 2013...untouched and beautiful and free. Ladies...please be real and honest. I assure you the enhanced lips are done for your benefit and not ours. Most men I talk to don't really like such plastic enhancements. Lastly, when I get a sexual message right away I almost immediately delete it. It's simply meant to gather a man's attention and have us buy more chat time...more credit. Be real...that's how to find a good man, and men, stop asking for nude photos or sending crude comments in return. Both of these actions by men and women give both sides a bad reputation and spoil it for the one's among us seeking real love and real partnership.