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05 Nov 2018

Super Power or The impossible is possible !!!


You even can not imagine , how we women are mysterious creatures. We are capricious, full of doubts, we are called the weaker sex and at the same time we are able to solve any difficult task, give a birth to a child through the meal, work at the same time from morning to night, cook and look good. It seems to me that this is truly super power. But not all of us remember that in addition to beautiful long hair, snow-white smile and heels in the arsenal you still need to have wisdom, at least some kind of intelligence and a desire to develop yourself. I don’t know, it’s uninteresting for men to see something more then the bright woman’s cover, or for women, there’s nothing more to give to men, except for the effect of alive decoration. I, for example, work in the field of beauty and I know how important it is to be fresh, attractive, well-groomed, but besides that it’s great to have a hobby, work, read books, go to master classes. The circle of interests is narrowed down to a beauty salon and the Internet. Do you think this is right?) But what about visits to the theater on weekends, romantic picnics near the lake, family meetings and trips to parks? How a little human being needs in modern society: the Internet, something to eat, a cup of coffee. I love the expression: The impossible is possible. After all, if the impossible is possible, then what can we say about banal, necessary things. We are capable to make everything , the main thing is this desire. Wishing to overcome obstacles, develop, be happy. Does it still seem difficult to you? I am ready to talk about it) Have a good day With tenderness and interest Katya