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23 Nov 2018

Woman is a treasure!

by Vivid_Flower

Women are many-sided, they can drive you crazy, with just a glance or a flirtatious smile, they fascinate with their mystery and tenderness. A woman may vary, depending on her mood. In her arsenal there are always pink, brown and red lipsticks. What will she choose today? Maybe red, to match the tone of new red shoes, or flirty pink to a short dress? Women have irresistible beauty; they are like a light rolling wave in the ocean, so gentle and alluring. Well, who can resist? Blondes, brunettes, and especially redheads.:) What a riot of colors and shapes. Men are very lucky, because they have a huge choice of those whom they can passionately love and whom can give unforgettable days and nights! Woman needs to be pampered with love, showered with gifts and attention, and then she will become a real diamond in your hands. Take care of your woman, and you will feel how she gives you all herself, she will become your friend, reliable support, mistress in your house and of course a passionate lover! A woman is able to give life to a new person and can change your life. We have no barriers and obstacles! We can do everything! This is my message to all our dear and so important men. I want you to remember that you are strong, you are conquerors, and you are our guardian angels. Do not offend women, and take care of them, because there are real treasures hidden inside them! With love, Svetlana