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25 Nov 2018

Do you remember your first date?

by Exotic_Flower

Hello everyone! I am Valentina from Ukraine) I am here looking for a good and kind man. I believe in real love and also I try to find it here! So, do you remember your first date with a woman you like? Were you at school or college? It is very interesting for me to remember my first date… It is very funny and romantic memories for me! What is about you? Of course, no one can guarantee how they're going to feel about someone for life, but we should try and believe everyday... In addition, you should know that I have one very big hobby in my life… It is paining… Listen...If you are reading my blog now, I have a proposition for you... I want you to be my model for painting) Do you like my idea? I am waiting for your stories about your first date! Do you want to know about my funny and confused first date...Lol Your Valentina