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27 Nov 2018

Try not to worry

by matthew:38983

I have got a lot of emails worried about the 'shoot out' in the Black Sea near Crimea. It seems both Navies have gone back to neutral non attacking actions. But the Ukraine Parliament did issue a martial law decree. And I can understand several ladies concern about the future. But as a history teacher in high school in the US, I think maybe looking at middle school kids behavior might help. I looks to me like 'bullying,' with one kid (putin) trying to show who is boss in the area. And the Ukraine navy not wanting to be pushed around by Russian navy. Both Putin and Ukraine PM have elections coming and want to look tough. But tension in the area could cause a 'pushing/shoving' match to spin out of control fast. NATO has said it will back Ukraine with any problems it has with Russia. And that will help with Russia backing down. But in the Trump is seen as Putin's buddy. But NATO will cause US to follow that alliance. If shooting starts it will end fast cause of the UN & NATO. It will not become the thing with Georgia a many years ago where Georgia got beat up by Russian Army. The world will not let that happen. Also I missed Ukraine Mother's day, sorry. US mothers day is in May. But congratulations to all I missed. Matthew