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27 Nov 2018

Why i want relationships with adult and experienced men? (or “unsuccessful love experience makes us better and prepares to meet with real love”)

by The_Bright_Irishka

I am sure that every person somehow has to do with love. Love is available to all. And anyone can feel her. Take shelter of her like a warm plaid and wait there even the most fierce life storm. You just it need to learn how to find it. Everywhere. And, as a rule, lives in little things. In simple-looking invisible daily moments. A person filled with love attracts his own kind in order to meet a happy and caring partner, you at first need to become that person yourself. To receive love, you need to take a first step and share your love and good attitude towards others. People who were in our life and with whom we had a relationship is an experience that was needed for hardening and in order to make us better as a person and to prepare for a meeting with a person who deserves us. Caring touches of parents. Someone's warm hands on your shoulders. Smile of a loved one. Even heartbeat of someone loved and closest. The whisper of tender words in a familiar voice. Words of approval or simple "break through", spoken by someone necessary for you, when it was so needed. The look of the most beautiful eyes in which your whole universe fits. Long hugs and smell the only precious man in the world after a long separation. Night call from someone you have never expected. Memories. Yes, they also save sometimes. Although sometimes ruin at least, but nonetheless. And there are actually infinitely many of these moments. When you know ... no, you feel loved. And let them shout from all sides that our world is mired in materiality. Let it be said that only what can be bought makes sense. In fact, this is a terrible lie. Because no money can save you in those moments when you are on the verge. Yes, they can get something that temporarily drown out your pain. They can buy something that will create a false belief, as if you managed to escape from the void. But this is only for a while ... and for a very short time. But only moments of true happiness can really pull out of the captivity of despair, loneliness and indifference. And love. This is what should be saved for years! And the more you have them, the richer Life will be. I really want to meet my love on this site, because I feel that in spite of my young age, I am already a wise woman who able be caring with man who is much older than her. The oldest man is my conscious choice, as I believe that only a man with great life experience, knows how to take care to woman and make her happy. I care about my soul and body and I have something to share with my future partner. I dream of harmonious relationships and happiness.