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28 Nov 2018

Gentle words to your loved one: what are they with time?


It’s probably not a secret for anyone that over time the passion in some relationships weakens a little: everything becomes more familiar, some kind of confidence in a loved one appears, and one gets used to it. Also, the words, ways of addressing to beloved person are changing sometimes . If earlier they were more gentle, soft, then over time, some of this tenderness disappears. Have you ever noticed it? Of course, the fact that our names is insanely pleasant. But sometimes it’s so good to hear “tiger cubs”, "kitten" "dear" etc. Agree, such treatment at any age is incredibly pleasant: both at 20 and at 50 years old. Know: if you want to say something pleasant to your beloved, then do it necessarily, because these words will be sincere. Your mood will rise, your loved one will also be pleased. As for me I will tell tender words for my future beloved for sure ! I will not let time to weaken our feelings! Do you think it silly? Julia