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28 Nov 2018

The reasons of our bad mood


Have you ever thought that one of the serious reason of our bad mood is our nervousness and weak resistance to stresses? ⠀Such symptoms are easily explained: modern life is not like a spa-resort, but more like wild jungle, where only the strongest can survive. ⠀We bring ourselves to hysterics, insomnia, neurosis, and so on. ⠀Without work, nothing can be achieved in this life. ⠀I know a few easy-to-see rules that will help to find peace of mind: ⠀- Learn to filter negative information, especially where you cannot change anything. - Think positive. - Go from aimless experiences to actions. - Do not take more than able to carry. (overwork is one of the main causes of stress) - Do not participate in unnecessary disputes. - Do not fuss and do not be late. - Get rid of jealousy. Find a place in your life for physical exertion. - Live an interesting and vibrant life. - Try to find a way to quickly calm down in stressful situations. My way to quickly calm down is - to be in the arms of my beloved, to cuddle and to kiss. I need a man who want to use the same way to calm down :))) . Where are you my future beloved? Alexandra