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28 Nov 2018

Thoughts about the past


Do you know this feeling when you are looking back you realize that with each step you lose touch with the past and you have already forgotten a lot. What was interested earlier turned into a void, which was instantly filled with new impressions, people, stories, and in general a new life. The interest that used to connect you with your classmates, friends, and acquaintances has disappeared. Each chose your own way and, as it were, before you swore that "we are friends forever," "we will always be together," it is impossible to carry all the same feelings, emotions contained in these phrases, through your whole life. You stop communicating and at some point you start to look for a reason of all this in a panic, maybe even blame yourself for not saving the relationship. Is it familiar for you ? Such thoughts bothered me to live for some time . But then life put everything in its place. I understood that we are building our own lives, making new acquaintances, gaining experience, again and again we are disappointed in people, we learn from our own and others' mistakes. we are all so different: someone is in clubs, someone is in "career" mode, someone has played a wedding, someone already has kids, but only one thing unites us - the desire to live, and to live happily. Do you agree? It is so good to live the present, do not look back , to love and to be loved. I am open for this feeling and ready for new relations. What about you ? Have you ever regret about the past ? Marina