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29 Nov 2018

What is unconditional love? we dont know any other love in ukraine

by MagicHands

Hello to everyone. I am on this site less than a month, so let's first get acquainted. My name is Tamila. I am Ukrainian. And I live in Krivoy Rog city. If you want to know more about me, you can do it if you read my profile. Do men often read profiles? :) yes, if he is serious about the search. What am I looking for here? It is unlikely that my answer will be original. I am here to meet a man who will love me .... and whom I will love. I am only interested in a serious and long-term relationship. Since I am still not very familiar with all sections that are here, then quite by chance I went to the "Blog" section. I saw here a lot of interesting articles from men and women. I agree with someone. With someone - no. But one article especially caught my attention. Or rather, not the whole article, but a couple of sentences that sounded like this: "You say you love me, but why? And if you can't name at least five reasons, then you don't love me ..." The author of the article - the man. And he, like most men, wants to hear a specific answer. But ... Is it possible to answer the question "Why do you love me?" LOVE NOT FOR SOMETHING. LOVE NOT LOOKING FOR ANYTHING !!!!! You can be absolutely indifferent to the most seemingly best, person who is ready for you for everything. And you can love the whole soul of someone who does not even notice your presence. And such cases, unfortunately, occur very often in everyday life. And if the question "Why do you love me?" You begin to list "at least five reasons" - then this is no longer love, but a rational approach. But this is just my opinion. And perhaps it is not the most correct. If you think differently and are ready to share your thoughts on this, then I will be very pleased to know your position on this issue. I wish all of us to meet our ONLY and REAL LOVE here. Sincerely. Tamila