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29 Nov 2018

Finding love in the modern world

by Morgan:62287

Hello everyone. I wanted to share some reasons why i am searching for love in the Ukraine. I can't speak for any other man here, but i will definitely give my honest opinion on this subject. The first and most important thing i need to say is that being a husband is something i want very much. I have never been married and i have waited for so long now, to find my forever love. I am very much interested in a complete marriage. This, for me, includes the entire package. Sex, romance, love, honor, family, complete togetherness and above all else, being together forever. I am very picky and i won't ever settle for just any girl. She is going to have to fit perfectly into my plans and dreams for the future. What are those plans, you ask? well, i am a musician, so music is a key to my happiness. Sharing in the songs i write and also sharing my passion for teaching music is a must. You don't have to be a musician, you just have to love that i am a musician. To embrace my creative life. I know that i will always embrace that which defines my wife and i will forever encourage her to chase her dreams and goals. I will be there every step of her journey and she will be there for me also. This is so very important. Laughter is also very important to me. I am rarely in a bad mood and i deeply need someone who is able to see the funny side of life. It is integral to my creativity. Having to live with someone who cannot find joy in this world is never going to work for me. The world itself seems to be in great pain these days. Wars, rumors of war, famine, death and destruction. These things are rampant in our world. I wish to be "a stone wall" for my wife and family. To stand between them and the mad mad world. To shelter my wife from pain and suffering. My idea of a great night doesn't involve going to dance clubs or social gatherings that are geared for single people. I desire family adventure, intimate moments with my wife, travelling with her. I want to create memories that will sustain us long into the twilight years of our lives. I have a young son. He is 13 years old. I love children very much. I am a teacher, after all, so children are my friends always. Why haven't i found anyone here in Canada that i want to marry? It is simple really. Women here are not all family oriented. They are products of this new western world of material wealth and feminism. Women here have no loyalty. They will leave a man for money. They have affairs and destroy men. It is not uncommon. I know in my heart that Ukrainian women believe in family and they believe in love. So, just like my father, who loved and honored my mother till he died, i will do the same. Now...i just have to find a way to get you, my dearest, over here and into my life. I hope this blog will help you understand me a little better. I send my heartfelt feelings out into the universe and hope that you are listening. My sweet.