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29 Nov 2018


by NicoleLove_

Do you know from what in our soul the eternal war of good and evil? Because we perceive emotions and love as something that appears by itself, we are so irresponsible that we are ready to give our lives into the hands of destiny, good luck, God and other thoughts, we don’t want to be simply responsible for ourselves)) But when the consciousness wakes up and says: WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?, stop torturing yourself, stop being with a person who does not love you, but only uses, stop eating harmful things, stop sleeping before dinner !!! Just pull yourself together, choose a goal and build a path step by step. While you are conscious, while your arms and legs function well, you are capable of anything, absolutely everything you imagine. Of course, there are some circumstances, but they appear so that we correct our path, so that we do not rest on the gifts of fate))) and your feelings in your hands? Or are you in the sleeve of your emotions?