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29 Nov 2018

Importance of family traditions!!!!

by travelingYanina

Whether often we think of family traditions and why they are necessary for us? This question interested me when my daughter was born. Only at this moment I understood as it is important. I consider that in each family there have to be some family traditions. They pull together family, do it by the real fortress where everyone feels under protection. Our most important tradition in the real family, in my opinion, is that all problems are solved in common. Family members have to share with each other both the failures and experiences, and the progress and pleasures. Only imagine how many opens interesting before us. It is an opportunity to create the small country of happiness. Only imagines every Friday cooking a pizza, prepared by all family. This ritual is also small tradition for us already. Or spend days outdoors with a tent. And of course New Year's holidays with real Christmas Tree. The most important base in it is the FAMILY!!!! Whether you are ready to build the small country with family values? with respect,Yanina