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30 Nov 2018

Is it a cultural thing?

by Larry:75762

First let me say I feel blessed to have interest of wonderful woman here and it really seems many are intelligent, kind, beautiful and sexy. certainly my friends where I live tell me they have many doubts and saying of news warnings but fact is there are good and bad people in every Country. I had feelings in 2009 my ONE I will find in Ukraine or Russia I cannot explain why but i know was real. Also I think my chance for REAL life long love are better in Countries KNOWN for making women who still have pride in being a good wife and mother just as I have pride in my good character and being good husband and father. Well many that write me ask why I not answer them, fact is simply they not answered me. I explained I was officially DEAD had five new arteries sewed onto my heart that was in very cold liquid and not beating and sure Iron lung machine kept my blood and oxygen circulating keeping all alive after several heart attacks! But heart expert docs say my heart bigger and built different than most is why I had no damage to my strong heart. that I had bad accident tear both my knees much why I not able to work over a year then and many years expensive foods on big oil platforms caught up with me not exercise, stairs or gym that year! I HATE no able to work was terrible 1.7 years my oldest brother dies 7/25/2018 I up 36 hours watching him take his last breath and tell these woman how I still had tears run on my cheeks now and then and shocking is that MOST not mention ANY of it in their next letters! NOTHING not a "Wow Larry it is true miracle! I am happy or at least a LITTLE thankful you still alive! Or not a single "Sorry you lost your brother yesterday, a week ago or month ago!" nothing! not a mention from MOST woman I wrote! Even the Doctors and few cardiologists! Not even Elena, not doc Anna, not Darina, not Olga, not Anita, Not Nina, etc. BUT there was real sympathy from only Miss Divine Julia and the Sweetlana. but a little from Vika. THIS fact told me MUCH to them I say I must be offline a month maybe even three but I will be back. I have to try ever more to get good job as a man cannot be ready for marriage unless he has good job. THREE month I search since Docs and PT release me too any type work I am very strong again already and my open heart surgery was 3/25/2018 So YES God blesses man much now I pray He will again bless me with good job. anyways WHY I not wrote many is I wonder IF they read my long letters at all and IF my letters are TOO long for some you ladies that is fine do us both big favor and not ever write me again. Anyway as old saying is PROOF is in the pudding and as much as I can see the proof was shown by Julia, Sweetlana and Vika.