Don’t treat woman like a cheap
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Hello everyone! I have spent some time here and I have my opinion about online dating. First of all, you need to kiss a lot of frogs before you will find your Prince Charming :) From time to time I think that something is wrong with me. Why some men ask me to come for a weekend to their places just when we start communication? I have never told I was looking for one-night stand. I don’t put too expansive photos nor provocative actions on my profile. I’m not that type of girl. I think intimacy is something special, it is not only union of bodies, but also of SOULS. Yes, I’m very naïve and I do think real gentlemen exist. I truly believe my special man will come to me for a meeting. I don’t reject meeting on some neutral territory, but I demand some RESPECT. Act with people like you want them to act with you. Cherish your woman like you’d cherish your mother or daughter. Don’t blame woman when she refuses to behave with you on your own plot. Write the scenario of your perfect relationships TOGETHER. KARMA is watching you, remember :D