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Greetings to Miss May!
Tatiana , 35 years old
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I think my story can be useful for you and may be teach you something or at least you'll find it interesting. My life was like everyone's. Partly good and partly bad. White stripes followed black stripes, happiness went after sadness. I think it's normal for everyone. If life were only happy we wouldn't value happiness. But what I know for sure is that I didn't know what life really is and what happiness really is until I gave birth to my child - my son. It changes everything in my life and made me look at it under quite different angle. Do I complain to life that I have to raise my child alone? No, not at all. Such is life, what's happened has happened not matter how banal it does sound! So my life consists of working days, caring about my son and my parents but also I find moments for amusements and joy, for myself, for sport. But I haven't been capable to find time for personal life for a long time. And suffered from this. No woman can live without a strong shoulder near her, without someone who can hug you in the cold night, who can touch your face with his gentle but strong palm and whisper "everything will be all right, babe". We women - no matter how strong we seem to be - need it as an air. And once my friend advice me to sign in here. "Just try - she said". She showed me how it all works and also told me about a man abroad she was dating and about her plans with him. It seemed like she is quite serious about him. I was sceptic at first. Is it possible to date online? What can grow from this? And how can I trust someone I haven't seen? How can he trust me? Questions, questions, question - lots of them. But after a bit of thinking I decided - what do I lose? Nothing! So why not to try? And I made this step. Signed up on this site and you know....I don't regret! I feel that my happiness is close now) It's just a feeling but usually my intuition doesn't fail me. Why should it fail this time? So you - everyone who is reading this - try, take a risk, go towards your happiness. No one can survive alone in this world. So we all deserve to find our second half and survive together!

What qualities you need to look for in a woman in order to find the perfect wife
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hello my readers! Today I will tell you which girl to choose to be your wife or what an ideal wife should be like. Right away I must say that only a perfect husband can have an ideal wife. I know all this, because I work in a bridal salon and talking to people who are planning to get married or are already married helps me draw good conclusions. Probably you have already heard the phrase that “the wife should be a queen away, cook in the kitchen and whore in bed? I will tell about the main qualities of a perfect wife. What is most important in a woman? These are qualities that you need to find in a woman, in order not to divorce! The most important thing is understanding and support! What do I mean? She understands you in all that is going on. She sees your faults and accepts them. Doesn't get on your nerves and doesn't try to remake you under her requests. She is happy for you and proud of your achievements, whether it is sports or poker on Friday nights. She supports you in different endeavors, not trying to dissuade new ideas. And does not matter, if she likes or not that you go camping in the mountains for two weeks. Perfect wife inspires you. For her sake you want to strive and seek more goals. You know how proud she will be of you. And she will thank for any nice little thing. Even for dead flower once a month. You are inspired by her emotional impact. She is feminine! And not only. It is important that she does not take on male duties. Does not go into your affairs, doesn't interferes to cope with them and doesn't try to decide everything by myself. She listens to you, obeys your decisions. Can advise something, but no more. She understands and acknowledges that the man is main in the house. If you both make good money, good wife will not boast of her success, but she will praise you before your acquaintances. Her merits she will keep with her, while voicing that you - her getter. She will be happy for all of your achievements and will not try to compete with you. The ideal wife is beautiful and healthy! Many women after marriage relax because it is not so important to be liked by someone anymore. AND cease to take care of themselves as before. It is common situation and you too to forget about yourself when you realize that you no longer need to seduce anyone. A good wife will be charming for you. Every day she will prove to you what you did the right choice when married her. She will also take care of herself and her health because she is planning to give birth to healthy children one day. And of course, one of the most important qualities, without which a happy marriage is impossible! This is what every man expects from his woman, even if she is not perfect! This is Loyalty. She is faithful. I better won't tell about venereal bouquets and lounging families. Loyalty just must be unshakable in the moral qualities of a woman. And remember the main thing: only a good husband is able to have a good wife. She does not have to look beautiful, cook and take care about you. She really genuinely wants to do that. And these are two different things. There are of course additional qualities that make a woman a perfect wife, but about these qualities you can ask me personally or wait my next blog. Sincerely Lily