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Tatiana , 35 years old
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I think my story can be useful for you and may be teach you something or at least you'll find it interesting. My life was like everyone's. Partly good and partly bad. White stripes followed black stripes, happiness went after sadness. I think it's normal for everyone. If life were only happy we wouldn't value happiness. But what I know for sure is that I didn't know what life really is and what happiness really is until I gave birth to my child - my son. It changes everything in my life and made me look at it under quite different angle. Do I complain to life that I have to raise my child alone? No, not at all. Such is life, what's happened has happened not matter how banal it does sound! So my life consists of working days, caring about my son and my parents but also I find moments for amusements and joy, for myself, for sport. But I haven't been capable to find time for personal life for a long time. And suffered from this. No woman can live without a strong shoulder near her, without someone who can hug you in the cold night, who can touch your face with his gentle but strong palm and whisper "everything will be all right, babe". We women - no matter how strong we seem to be - need it as an air. And once my friend advice me to sign in here. "Just try - she said". She showed me how it all works and also told me about a man abroad she was dating and about her plans with him. It seemed like she is quite serious about him. I was sceptic at first. Is it possible to date online? What can grow from this? And how can I trust someone I haven't seen? How can he trust me? Questions, questions, question - lots of them. But after a bit of thinking I decided - what do I lose? Nothing! So why not to try? And I made this step. Signed up on this site and you know....I don't regret! I feel that my happiness is close now) It's just a feeling but usually my intuition doesn't fail me. Why should it fail this time? So you - everyone who is reading this - try, take a risk, go towards your happiness. No one can survive alone in this world. So we all deserve to find our second half and survive together!

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This report desribes events of was year of 1999 when strange thing first started happening in a quiet, mid-western home. A son, who's name is not disclosed and will be recalled as a witness comments on this. December 12 1999 Witness : My father called for me from downstairs— I assumed it was time for dinner. He was standing at the bottom of the stairs and had his hand up in an effort to keep me from coming down. The moment I saw the panic in his eyes, I knew something was wrong. -Father : I want you to listen to me very carefully. - Witness comment :My heart started to race as he continued - Father : It’s very important that you keep your eyes on me. You’re going to notice... someone else in our home. But you must ignore ‘her’ as much as possible. - Witness comment : I almost started laughing. My 12 year old mind trying to comprehend what he was trying to say, assuming this was joke. Before I could respond, he continued - Father : She’s going to whisper things, follow you, and whatever else she can to get your attention. It’s going to be very difficult, son, but you must never interact with her. I promise she will leave, but only if you pretend she isn’t there, and try not to think about her. Promise me. Witness comment : There were so many things I wanted to ask him, but I was too frightened and confused. I managed to say “okay dad.” Father : Alright, come downstairs. It’s time for dinner. Hurry, I’ve made ’her’ stronger just by telling you. But I had to, I can’t afford you looking at ‘her’ by mistake. Trust me. Now stay focused! When telling this part the witness was visibly nervous... Witness coment : "I did as I was told and slowly crept down the stairs, keeping my eyes to my father’s eyes, as I slowly walked into the kitchen. I felt the temperature drop significantly as I reached the first floor. I smelled a familiar, unpleasant and sour scent in the air. It reminded me of the time an animal died in the wall of our house, making terrible smell for a whole week. My father and I sat down at the table at the same time, my sister was across from me— her head hung and her eyes stared at the empty, porcelain plate in front of her. My mother pulled a casserole out of the oven, her eyes were swollen and tear stained. I kept my focus on my family, but out of the corner of my eye I could see a blurry mess of dark, matted hair, and sickly, grey skin. There was no energy in the kitchen, drained of all the warmth and laughter that usually accompanied our meals. My sister grabbed my knee under the table and whispered, “can you see her too?” I nodded. “Quiet!” My father hissed. The woman walked forward with wet, crackling footsteps. The smell was terrible. She crept towards the table, stopping directly behind my sister, only a few inches away, and rested a decrepit hand on her shoulder. She winced in fear and stared at me. I immediately put my head down. My mother served our dinner, doing her best to pretend as if everything was okay. I could see my father clutching my sisters hand underneath the glass table in an attempt to keep her from completely losing it. My sister spent the entire dinner with the skeletal hand on her shoulder, nearly inaudible whispers spewed from the woman’s mouth and filled the room like white noise. Next comment by witness appears most disturbing : "That is how we lived for months— doing our best to live a normal life despite the ever-present, unwanted guest. Even if we left the house, she was somehow able to follow us all. Whenever the four of us were in the car, she could be seen in the rear view mirror or standing on the side of the road. My parents didn’t let anyone visit, and never let us stay at friends’ homes during the months of hell." ***Analisys of the entire situation unfortunetelly suggests poor mental state of the whole family. Possibly explaining the eventual strange circumstances of the father's death... Witness comment : we were able to whisper to one another when it was absolutely necessary to discuss ‘her’ presence, if ‘she’ wasn’t too close. My father made us promise to never tell anyone. That was the only way to quarantine her, the parasite of attention. We concluded that she infected a single household at a time, unable to be seen by anyone outside the home unless their mind had been tainted with knowledge of her existence. ***The explanation given here has nothing to do with the reality, and suggests that the witness cannot explain to himself the events that occurred over many months of these hallucinations... it is possible that mental effects had large effect on witness's health explaining the perceived change of temperature. Other witnesses from the familly could not be reached to give establish his credibility. He was referred to as strange person by his own peers... Witness comment : I learned a few years later that my father was the reason for her arrival. His sister, back in the 70s, had been infected from another and it followed my aunt into their home. In 1999, for whatever reason, my father struggled to keep the thought of ‘her’ at bay. In turn he brought ‘her’ back into his life... and ours. We kept the promise of keeping her a secret from others, and it was the hardest thing we’ve ever done. All of us tried leaving the house as a group, and ‘she’ followed. We couldn’t bring ourselves to break our family apart. It was hardest for my mother, who was stuck alone with ‘her’ while we’re at school and my father was at work. Everything changed the day my mother broke. It was a snowy February night, we had finished dinner and my mother decided to go to bed early. ‘She’ was sitting on their bed— making ‘herself’ almost impossible to ignore. My mother couldn’t take it. I heard her screaming from the bedroom, demanding that ‘she’ leave us alone. My father sprinted upstairs to try and stop her" That was the last I ever saw my mother. A pool of blood on the white carpet was all that remained. The woman was still there, but my mother was gone. In the following weeks, ‘she’ whispered to me. ‘She’ told me I could see my mother again, all I had to do was look and ask how. I never did. The reason I am telling you is because... I WANT YOU TO THINK ABOUT HER. I saw ‘her’ again, this morning, for the first time in 18 years. I cannot afford to lose my wife or children to the parasite. I need you to think about her dark hair and grey skin. Think about ‘her’ in your home, so that she may leave mine. You’re already infected, and eventually you’re going to notice a woman in your home, you must ignore ‘her.’ It’s for your own good. I’m so sorry ***End of protocol Anna