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01 Dec 2018

Tips for notorious women from the ussr?

by Dr. Nina

Hello to all) I do not know how abroad, but in Soviet times there was no sex) Many of the beautiful women were born in the USSR and were given proper education. I love to read books about how to keep the relationship longer filled with passion and love. Many men on the site are quite liberated in their desires and fantasies. They are not afraid to express what they want to see in family life. And they are right! We women should give you more attention and diversity in family life. A foreigner's husband does not need a housewife or a cook. First of all, they need a passionate lover in bed and a worthy wife in real life, whom he could be proud of. Forget about your complexes. Feel desired. Begin to understand what you want, even in sex. Maybe after that a decent man will be drawn into your life? What about you men? What advice can you give to the notorious women from the USSR? Nina