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03 Dec 2018

Time to re-evaluate myself and my life

by Wendell:236296

There is a time for everyone to look in the mirror and wonder if you see a true reflection of yourself, or an illusion of what you believe is there. I am at that point. After 2 trips to Ukraine and Russia, and several times to ask for a direct address to write someone I was interested in, I am still alone. I know I am not a "tall, dark handsome" man, I am just an average, hardworking man who appreciates what he has in life. I ask for someone who understands me, the values I live by, and is a realist in life. Maybe that is too much to ask for, from all these beautiful ladies who are wealthy, young and so very active in life and dreams. So it is at this time I think best to look at my self in the mirror and try to find the real "me". In one week I will delete my profile. Until then I shall try to write the few ladies who wrote me and explain why this "long distance love" didn't seem to work for me. Maybe I'm not wealthy enough to keep writing all the time, maybe I felt I was too old for most who wrote me..whatever the reason. I need to re-evaluate myself, and then try again. But it is a holiday season around the world, so I wish all a very Happy Holiday season and the very best to you all and your families. Wendell