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05 Dec 2018

I am not in prison!!!

by Vivid_Flower

I decided to write a blog on this topic, because recently one man asked me in a letter, I quote: “Why are you, such a beautiful, passionate and intelligent woman, still alone and looking for love on this site? I have one assumption, you are probably in prison and you have no other opportunities to communicate with a man. ” I was a little confused by this question. But I think many men have also thought about this. I would like to dispel the myth about the imprisonment of all the girls on this site))) And of course I will explain it with my example. My life is a rough track of life situations and problems. Unfortunately, I am not the daughter of a millionaire, or at least a businessman, and therefore I come to live the life of an ordinary person. So, in the Morning, I wake up and run to work, and if I'm lucky, I have time to take a shower and drink a cup of aromatic tea. Unfortunately, 8 hours of work have a detrimental effect on the body, and I hurry in the evening to quickly be at home and begin to prepare dinner. Familiar situation, isn`t it? Dinner, shower, bed, good movie and sweet dream. That was the day. You know, there is such a film, called “Groundhog Day”, unfortunately so many people live according to the script of this film. I'm not an exception. Of course, there are weekends in which a normal woman tries to do a maximum of homework, and bake something tasty for tea. In very rare cases, I manage to get out with my friends for a walk to the sea, or just go shopping, but I have no desire to hang up the sign “Take me married” so that men do not hesitate and come to get acquainted. It is very difficult to find time and the opportunity to meet a man in this life wheel. So here I am. I decided for myself that I would use any chance to be happy! And why are you, our precious men, decided to register on Find Bride? Sincerely, Svetlana