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05 Dec 2018

A tremendous surprise

by Ron David:133970

Hey guys (and ladies). I have tried this site on and off many times over the last few years and have met many lovely and sweet girls. I just hadn't met "the one" and was just about to cancel my membership and give up on the idea when I saw a photo that I could not keep my eyes off of. Her age was well below any search I'd ever done and she has a young child, which I was not necessarily looking for. BUT, there was something in here eyes that made just say a simple hello. That simple hello turned into laughing for hours on video chat, with her and her child. This led to asking for contact information, which she trusted and agreed to, which led to a 2 hour face to face, voice to voice chat on an app. I can honestly tell you, there has never been a time when i wanted to get off the phone less than that first real conversation with her. The accent!! WOW! And the sound of her laugh...even better! Over a short period of time she has shared stories from her life and expressed every emotion you could imagine with me. To the ladies reading this, that makes men feel very special - when you trust us. I have learned so many things about this amazing woman but the single best and most important thing matter how many bad hands life has dealt you, you still must trust that happiness is out there somewhere and it's worth searching for. I am planning a visit to meet her and her amazing child and sister after the holidays and none of this would have been possible without her courage to invite me in to meet the real her. Ladies, do not hesitate to do this. And please, share photos of you with your children on your profiles. Seeing you as mothers adds another level of respect and admiration from us. Swimsuit photos are great but moms are an everything thing and I'd rather see the real you from day 1. So, to end this ridiculously long blog post, thank you to Miss J for just being a cool, silly, funny butterfly of a girl and showing me that if you want it, you must first believe it can happen. Trust your heart! Trust your heart! Best wishes to all and happy holidays. Ron David in U.S.