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06 Dec 2018

Does internet dating follow the future ???

by Oili

For me, this question is relevant. If you read this blog, it means it is relevant for you too !!! Love .... a person always strives for love and for the sake of love commits acts that he could not even think of. I have been looking for love for several years now, and so far to no avail, all communication is interrupted on the first date, because my partner’s expectations are not justified. Maybe I don’t understand something? Or am I not that modern ??? but I don’t understand why many men strive first of all get my body without recognizing my soul. I registered on this site to find a man for a serious relationship, I am looking for someone with whom I want to share my warmth and affection. I feel that the man for whom I was created is somewhere very close. Just like I am looking for my half. Maybe I'm too romantic, but I believe in love from a distance ... And it seems to me that the distance can play into our hands .. so we can know each other better ... and this will make our meeting even brighter! I am ready to share my life and I am ready to enter someone else’s life in order to bring peace and happiness into it ...... and answering your question: Is the future of dating online ??? I answer, YES !!! I BELIEVE IN IT !! and if you agree with this write me!