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28 Dec 2018

Struggle with difficulties

by Julia Black

hello my dear people)) I hope everyone has a great pre-New Year mood and everyone is waiting for the fulfillment of desires at midnight of the New Year) Right? So ... today I will write about how I traveled with a small child over 1000 km. )) Earlier, I moved to another city, because I wanted to start a new life) I had to get my son in a kindergarten and find a job) At first everything seemed easy and simple, but I was faced with many problems. Since I was in that city alone with a child, I could not cope with these difficulties ( Especially during this period, I realized that the city in which I lived before, is perfect for me and my son. There are all my friends, relatives, many playgrounds and children) In the end, we had to travel 2 days by train, with transfers ((It was very tiring for me and for my little son) Yesterday I returned to my hometown. Joys have no limits) I even cried yesterday for joy and shouted at the station)) ahahaha Probably people thought that I was crazy)) LOL Have you ever moved to another city to start a new life ??? Or how do you endure any difficulties in life?)) Very interesting to hear your opinion) Your Julia