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31 Dec 2018

Happy new year to all

by Ken:52112

As we spend the last day of 2018 remembering how we spent our year and the hopes that the year ahead brings us what we all wish for, I want to say thank you to all the staff here for allowing this site to be what it is, a great place to meet lovely women. During my almost 6 years here I have met many beautiful ladies, have fallen in love several times and moved on from most of them until I finally found that one woman whom I believe is real and the woman of my dreams. Though she will not exchange contact info and we carry on at this site, I still believe in her and the fact she is real. It is very hard for us men to do that especially when a lady does not want to exchange info but I do understand the language barrier and other connection problems that may occur. I know that not many women who are here on this site know English but if you are wanting to move to the United States or Canada or any other English speaking nation you need to make an effort to study and learn that language. Of course it is also imperative for the man to learn her language, whether it be Russian or Ukrainian. Both sides need to be able to communicate to each other as best as possible. Taking time to learn just shows more dedication to making a relationship stronger and shows that you really believe in your partner and in the love you profess for each other. Anyway I came here this morning to send greetings along to all you lovely ladies here and I know you have different traditions for your day and you celebrate your holidays different than ours here in the Western world. I wish you all the best for 2019 and I pray that we all find the love we are wishing for tonight and that love shows itself to one and all soon. Yes I believe I have found my love with Irina and I hope that we are together soon. Happy 2019 everyone and God bless you all