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02 Jan 2019

Goals and priorities for 2019

by Sault&Pepp3r

Hello, to all my readers! First I want to greet you all with the 2019 and wish you very prosperous and happy year ahead! I noticed that it has become very popular tendency in social media to summarize everything that happened last year as well as set your goals for the coming one! So I also decided to do that in my blog! For me 2018 has also been decent though a bit challenging year, I had many changes in my life, my appearance and also many professional achievements. I was developing my career as model and also getting ahead in my studies as psychologist as it is the profession I have always wanted to obtain and pursue in future! It is also very useful for self-development and successful communication with people! But in 2019 I have decided to set different priorities to myself. Now my main focus will be on my personal life because I am tired of loneliness and very much miss these emotions that you feel in love and that make your life bright and give you best motivation for everything! So my first priority is going to become my personal happiness and I want to find my soulmate and do my best to make him happy and become happy myself! So I want to wish to all of you in this year to meet your love and get rid of lonely mornings and evenings, have a bright smile on your face and positive look in future! Your Ekaterina