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Greetings to Miss March!
Marina , 33 years old
Profile: 39149 Marina
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I suppose that here there are a lot of men who pays attention only in my out beauty. But I strongly believe that I will find here the person who will appreciate firstly my inner beauty.
I am kind positive and sociable girl, I love animals, beautiful nature and travel) I attend gym and fitness classes. When I’m on vacation - I really like doing fitness exercises outdoors, pilates, yoga. So sport means a lot for me. And now I want be honest with you, my last relationship was not so good, my previous boyfriend cheated me, and he dated with another girl at the same time. I can’t stand lies in relationship, so I suppose people should say only truth. And how do you think? Do you agree with me??
As you understand my heart was broken and now I try to find a person who will support me like a tender flower and defend me like a little girl. You know I can be a tender and a passionate. Strong and weak. But I really want to meet a person who will protect me . And I will give all of my love to this person as much as I only can.
Are you ready to to take my heart in your hand ?? And fulfill with love in my heart???
Sincerely , Marina!

Letters before chat
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hi everyone, Happy new year it has come to my attention that ladies on this site don't start to introduce themselves with letters anymore, there is a number of ladies here, saying no names that have not written one letter to me but always requesting chat, I have to choose what ladies I chat to, sorry ladies but if you not about to show lots of interest in me by writing letters and telling me about yourselves I am not willing to spend lot of time and money chatting with you I have seen a lot of one off letters with just 2 lines, I am afraid that is not going to get my attention, we live in the modern world if you want to get my attention you have to go the extra mile