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03 Jan 2019

Why we arguing with each other?

by Anemone

Every person is unique, with their own tastes and preferences, character and vision of this world. These and many others differences give us many different personalities. In the same moment it is the main reason of all our disagreements. People just don’t know about features of their companion, what caused misunderstanding. But why then loving people also arguing? They know each other very good and treasure their relationships and afraid of losing loving person. How usual relationship develops between man and woman? Two people meet, communicate and in one moment realize that they are drawn to each other/ they start dating, but as in all relationships they have small disagreement. These disagreements accumulate and outgrow into huge scandal. To answer why all of this is happening we need to consider one psychological term like idealization. Shortly it means attitudes and beliefs which we cannot break. In some case it is like foundation of all worldview of person. Every person has their own idealizations. Wherein some of convictions are differ to convictions of the partner which is the main course of all our arguments. In conclusion I can suggest you to accept your partner as he or she is without trying to change them.