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04 Jan 2019

Your dreams come true)

by Julia Black

Good day, my dear, readers)) The New Year has officially started and I hope happiness has come to the house of each of you) For someone, happiness is a family, for someone it is love, health, money, children ... Much more can be listed. I would like to wish this to everyone) I would like to share with you a children's story. When I was 7 years old I had a dream - to make all people happy. So that everyone could smile and enjoy life) So that every child from the orphanage could hear - parents came for you. For a couple who cannot have children - to give birth. To every homeless animal acquired a house and good owners) Over time, my words, my support and faith in people helped to make them more confident and happier) Some made their dreams come true) But this was done only by those who really wanted it and listened. I have never wished anyone evil or anything bad, because I know that sooner or later it all comes back. If you hate everyone and see, that someone has something that you don't have - then believe it - you will never have it !!!!! Agree with this ??? Life is a boomerang) Did anything happen with you that made you change your mind? Or maybe there were such people on the path of life who could influence your life? I hope each of you is fine and the New Year will bring you only positive emotions. Your Julia