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05 Jan 2019

Never give up!

by YourCinderella

You know the feeling when you don't want to fight for your dream anymore? When there is no strength to go on and want to give up? You are not alone in this. I often have days when I want to give up everything, but for myself I decided that I could not give in to this feeling. Sometimes I want to give up. Sometimes I really want to give up. Sometimes I give up. But then inner desire lifts me out of bed and makes me continue to do what I did before. The only reason that I still get out of bed and continue to do what I do is a clear understanding that no one will do anything for me except me. And if I do not get out of bed, a kind person will not come and will not solve my problems, will not do for me what I am afraid to do. While I'm alive, everything is possible. There is only one good reason why a person can give up. This is death. So, while you are alive, you must go to your goal. We are much stronger than we thinks. And you as well. Nothing can stop you on the way to success. Even thousands of defeats. I often repeat to myself that there are many people in the world who are in a worse situation right now than me. And if I, because of laziness, want to give up my morning run, then I think of people who cannot walk at all. And it works. Therefore, instead of looking for hundreds of reasons why it is worth giving up, it is better to find one worthy reason to continue to act. Your Yana