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07 Jan 2019

Re: never give up!!!

by Raymond:201915

Dearest Yana, I'm here to agree with you,...wholeheartedly! I've been here over 5 years now, I think ))) Time passes; memory doesn't prevail). I'm 72 years old and I need love as much as anyone. Moreover, I find giving love gives me much pleasure too, even without that gift for myself. I believe you understand that. Giving up here, despondency, destitution, failure, loss uselessness, how many times have I felt those cold presences in the room, in my sleep, while always eating alone and sleeping alone. I was barely existing and was fighting for that.... then,...I stopped...yes, I stopped to think. Why should I despair, when that is a decision I can make,...or not? I began thinking of all the possibilities I did have, even probabilities, many of them. You may choose what to feel, you know? Do not be so weak as to miss someone because of one trait you don't like when it may even be just developing. She/he may choose to discontinue that trait, or maybe you can guide them in that direction, but Please, do Not give up on a person, a Life, for one simple thing, that may be of no consequence at all, really! You may give up on the Love of your Life before you've really found her. How foolish that would be? Yes? Broaden your horizons, please! And always be ready to agree whenever possible...with her and within yourself. It is possible to let go of old defining beliefs, you know and the less governance you put upon yourself, the better. You'll feel more free to be you and to love more. So don't limit your ability to love by limiting yourself. Grow, love more and become larger in yourself, and you'll find that Life will love you more. If I ever could remind people of good things that are constant.... one would be Love, 'Love is Life' and if you give love, you'll get more of it!!! The same with Life!!! The second is Change! Everything in our Universes is in constant change, even if by the tiniest of degrees. Absolutely nothing today is what it was yesterday or will be tomorrow...But.. a lot of change can be guided if properly perceived in time. Change can be horrible on emotional things, like Love...(. Just be aware of what is happening and where it can possibly lead, and talk of it with your partner. For by God, if you think it took a lot of serious communication to get you where you are together, today, Believe me; it's only just started!) Never stop this communication; it may well be the life of your love. So, if you have not found your love yet, then be yet stronger! Loosen your criteria a little, be more open, but always, always truthful ! And be frugal, this place is expensive. Conserve where you can and you will be able to make it. I know and I have. I live on my U.S. Social Security and I do it. Letters are the best way, you can get more said for the money. set a chat time and an amount of time and keep to it. You don't have to give up for lack of money, on either's part, not totally anyway. If all else fails, the man can buy her contacts and you can go it on your own. Learn each others languages together. For the ladies, a site called Hosgeldi can help immensely, and Ladies, you need English! I have met no one who says she's at intermediate stage with it and really is there. You can learn though; and it's not so hard, believe me, If someone could love me, I mean, really! love me, they could learn English! I believe that!!! I have much more for another time))). Wait and see). Wishing you all... that all your wishes come true! hint: (help them a little, from within yourself))). It works!) With open, honest Love for all God's peoples!!! Ray.