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07 Jan 2019

Orthodox christmas, deceiving and what else to wait?

by Marcos:80406

Congratulations to all here on site and there out of site. I wish a happy orthodox Christmas to all. No matter if you celebrate on 25 of December or on 7 of January. What matter is your thoughts to God, your family and your fath. It is even better to celebrate two times the birth of Jesus Christ. However, He never said to your pupils to celebrate your birth. But happy Christmas to all in whole world! Now, my subject is about deceive. Why some women deceive and hide your child? Another even not want a real meeting. Yes, I was deceived! After 5 years I am here alone. And after I sent one last letter to a girl here two years ago she said to think in me. How? Why? I not understand. I know, the time is passing so fast to us! When I came here I had 40 years old. Now I got 45. I lost some relatives. A loss is very depressed moment in our lives. My loss just were my dearest people on my big family. My father passed. Also an aunt sister of my father. My grandmother mother of my father too. Also an uncle passed. And what more to wait? The death is waiting by each us here on this world. How to share our lives when are we still alive? New year and nothing change in our lives. I am here still alone in my country. I was deceived. Endless letters of love every day. I am not a king. I am an ogre. Marcos