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Tetiana , 25 years old
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Hello, my name is Tanya! It’s always difficult to write something about yourself, but I will try! I have a loving heart and a beautiful soul. I am always positive and I love to smile! I respect myself and other people, I think it’s important to accept people as they are because I think every person is special. I like nature and animals. I am easy going woman that like to have fun but when I need to be serious I am very serious. Ha ha. I am looking for a nice man, simply true and real man with a heart, who is caring and understanding. No super hero’s options! Just a real Man! I would like to meet an open minded, kind and gentleman, who is not afraid to make a first step, who is ready to start a new life, who is ready to change his life and my life for the best!
I don’t know what my future holds for me, but I am sure I am already in a right place to change it!
Thank you for your time,

Here i am and there you are...but soon i will be arriving at borispol airport!
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Hello.all and THX for reading ladies and gents. Thx to so many of you for writing about my gift of writing and descriptions. Writing and poetry was a gift i discovered early in my life. I promise the occasional period after a word is because of my thumbs on my more or less. Also if something seems misplaced, i was likely halfway asleep :) So as many of you may know my 44th(yes an old man soon) birthday i plan to spend in Lviv and outside Kiev in Borispol and i hope and PRAY in the city of someone i meet here for a few days then she can travel with me. I adore children but also firmly believe that early in relationships that they are sheltered so that they are not exposed to many people or the occasional bad choice. This is my preference but it can easily change if a spark of adult chemistry is felt. As in previous blogs i would pay for travel, and a totally different hotel or hotel room...whatver makes my guest to meet my friends happy. My friend Vlad got engaged yesterday and so i am as HAPPY as he is!! Way to go to my brother from another mother Vlad. You both deserve all the happiness life will give you. I pray for this for both of you! Ok...back to me and travel. I am sure i have written about this before but who is a better judge of a new partner of mine than my own trusted friends? They have my 100% most pure trust. Anna and her husband Sasha and Vlad with his family and fiance(joke..we say FINANCEE IN THE US..LOL). I don't mean this to scare anyone away but to do the opposite. You will not be alone with a new man unless YOU ALONE CHOOSE THAT! And my friends all speak English and Russian and Ukrainian so there is no need for aj extra expense of an interpreter. There are horror stories out there of these people having the man they translate for pay for their meals and then the woman they see and the interpreter joining up to get into the mans wallet for gifts anyway possible. .i don't want you to meet my friends for that reason but so we can build a comfortable relationship with your own country men and women. That way you can talk to them and become friends. I feel this is important in my heart! It's a make or break thing. Anna is a school teacher. Vlad is in IT like me. So if you are a woman that is confident and will invite me to your city i will invite you to see my friends. Again..i pay your room and travel...all SEPARATE if you choose and if it's your opinion..a child also can come. Anna and Sasha have 2 boys!!! I want the partner i meet here to feel totally at home with my friends and me. I am an old romantic. Happy wife happy life. Same for GF's. Happy Girlfriend happy Boyfriend. I give flowers...i dance near a table if the mood strikes me. I kiss in public(tastefully of course, not some tongue swapping in bed type kiss)but a short small kiss, maybe tongue little bit..again that's up to my female partner! I can cook.and dance my @$$ off so watch out. We will HAVE FUN! I open doors, pull back chairs, wait for my partner to pick up her eating utensils before i do and i don't mind if you offer me a bite or i hope you won't mind if i offer you a bite. But i do hope to share a big dessert. I am abit out of shape...and like a bear men put on a few kilos on our belly for winter but as you have seen in my pics, i get rid of the weight fast! I really hope to meet one lady in particular. The one i thought i would meet ended up to be a scammer and a skilled one. And as you have read...i am hard to scam. She was a pro...the site caught her and threw her off. Thx especially to customer support Polina!! Great work! This lady would have been better to just ask me for a loan than play with my heart. But this person deals with others and has a good education and uses it to help others! I pray she is real!!!!! :(:( I would give up completely if she was not being truthful with me. I have waited a long time for her to write again because i could not find her in my old emails. Life is too short. I am soon to be 44. My night out with my partner there where we are both dressed perfect. I want all heads to turn at this attractive couple. jealous women. I am not a jealous man. I say go out and have ladies night out. Dance with your friends but no men please and please...stay with your friends. Some men wait to get good women alone. I would hate to use 14 plus years of martial arts to teach someone a lesson on how to treat ladies. Ladies.....don't worry. Weapon or not he will lose ;) Of this i am sure. I am after all, partially titanium i am strong in many bones. I will close this blog with a description of my trip in my mind. I fly into Borispol, exit the airport and either you are there or my friends Anna and Sasha are there. I prefer you and even you to bring a sister or mom or female friend. It's OK with me. I will pay for your tickets by train..the fast train if it passes your city or first class regular train...or maybe a plane but that depends on airline promotions. We leave there and go to meet my friends for dinner somewhere. I will rent you a hotel room or we can rent a 2 or 3 bedroom flat and you and your mom or sister or friend will be safe that a pair. I can't exactly sneak into the bed of 2 women when i want just one. You could even bring your dad or brother. I hide nothing and my friends know me and will speak highly of me. So if i am invited i travel to your city, rent a flat with a kitchen where i can impress you with my cooking, and after we walk the city streets or go out for abit and i drop you off at your home or IF YOU CHOOSE, you can come into the flat for just abit to watch maybe a late TV show and we can talk for as long or short as time as you want. Then i pay for your taxi home and we can meet for breakfast. If you work..i will bring you flowers. Then maybe a meal with your family. I will answer what i can and try to ask if you wish ti travel to meet all my friends. Not Russian ones this trip in Siberia but Lviv. It's a wonderful city. We can rent a car or have Vlad and his new Fiance take us to the best spots. After a few nights...i hope we can spend the night together but with me and my hands all to a gentleman's way..again all up to you!!! So, future partner, what do you think. Write if you read this blog and find it something you would want to do together. can write a blog and type Re:(and title of this blog) if you or anyone has questions. I DO NOT EXPECT SEX. THAT AGAIN IS YOUR CHOICE...YOUR DECISION TO ALLOW OR WAIT. I will not kick you out of flat or hotel if no sex happens...but i do enjoy kissing:) Beware :) If you, whoever you are need longer to know me here before willingness to travel then i will delay my birthday trip and we can celebrate later than usual. Thanks for reading. One last thing. Please ladies..thx for writing but If you have written like 10 times and i dont answer..i am Never gonna answer! And ladies...if i wrote you once and you write about undying love and your rich family and where we should invest..stop lying. If you send me pics of you in that for me to touch. Why torture me then complain and call men here perverts for sex only. Dont sell your body that way then. Sell your brain and witt and humor and you will have someone who "buys" so to speak the real you..not the under your clothes. Warmly Andy Scoggins