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09 Jan 2019

Love at a distance - yes or no?

by MariBlond3

A woman can own a single man, and a man can own a single woman. Once having met, these two together will pass through an innumerable chain of obstacles to be together, and often the forces will run out, faith will disappear, and doubts will attack your head as to whether or not to fight to the end ...  Sooner or later, such a meeting takes place, each pair becomes full ... This event can take place on Earth, it can happen earlier, in the sky, when souls meet for the first time, then someone separates them and you can spend a whole life to find your other half and no matter how much you try to build relationships, this woman should to be with you .... where lovers meet just as they meet here ... on earth ... The meeting of loving hearts may be temporarily postponed. But every woman and every man will surely find the one to whom they are intended ... I do not want any of us to surrender on the verge of happiness, because we have gone through a lot to be here and now ... Sometimes it will be difficult to cope with emotions and there will be a desire to leave everything and leave ... but I am sure that the strongest Relationships are checked by time and circumstances .. and most importantly cope with them together ... Are you afraid of relationships at a distance?