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10 Jan 2019

Shy or not to shy???


Hello to all people here!! First of all, I would like to congratulate all of you with holidays. I want to wish you happiness, health and of course great love !!!!!!!!!!!!! our life without love will never be complete ... But sometimes something stops us in front of our goal. I have a friend since childhood and he is still not married. He confessed to me that he is shy to approach a beautiful woman on the street and get to know her ... Oh really?? Maybe this is the main problem why so many lonely people around ??? What are you shy about doing? I also thought about this issue. For example, I shy to go to my boss and demand to raise my salary.Do you also face such a problem? Maybe if I did not shy to do it then I would already be a millionaire?) LOL Maybe many men shy to write a letter to a girl here? But why? Am I sure this is a chance to build true love ?? You agree with me? can you tell me what are you shy ????? I hope that you are not shy to tell such things?)))))) I wish you all a nice day)) Oksana)