You can't fool your feelings
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Hello everyone ;) Thanks for taking the time to open my blog. I hope my thought will be clear to you and you will catch the essence of my words. It seems to me that an amusement park with attractions is a very accurate comparison for people. There are those that are breathtaking. And there are those on which you never decide to ride. And those that you are not interested in. And, like on the rides, after the person who caused you a storm of emotions, you do not want to communicate with someone less attractive. In the sense that after a roller coaster there is no desire to ride on a swing. It will not impress you. On the contrary, it will say about how good you were on the hills, and how boring you are on the swings. Same thing with people. If you met a person who suits you in everything, then you can’t just change him for someone from whom you don’t get as many positive emotions. It is unlikely that you will ever forget about feelings when you overcome the dead loop. Or climb to a great height. Your heart beats as if you are experiencing all your feelings at once. That is why, no matter how diverse and interesting the "park" is, we will look forward to buying a ticket for the same attraction. Yana