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Tatiana , 35 years old
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I think my story can be useful for you and may be teach you something or at least you'll find it interesting. My life was like everyone's. Partly good and partly bad. White stripes followed black stripes, happiness went after sadness. I think it's normal for everyone. If life were only happy we wouldn't value happiness. But what I know for sure is that I didn't know what life really is and what happiness really is until I gave birth to my child - my son. It changes everything in my life and made me look at it under quite different angle. Do I complain to life that I have to raise my child alone? No, not at all. Such is life, what's happened has happened not matter how banal it does sound! So my life consists of working days, caring about my son and my parents but also I find moments for amusements and joy, for myself, for sport. But I haven't been capable to find time for personal life for a long time. And suffered from this. No woman can live without a strong shoulder near her, without someone who can hug you in the cold night, who can touch your face with his gentle but strong palm and whisper "everything will be all right, babe". We women - no matter how strong we seem to be - need it as an air. And once my friend advice me to sign in here. "Just try - she said". She showed me how it all works and also told me about a man abroad she was dating and about her plans with him. It seemed like she is quite serious about him. I was sceptic at first. Is it possible to date online? What can grow from this? And how can I trust someone I haven't seen? How can he trust me? Questions, questions, question - lots of them. But after a bit of thinking I decided - what do I lose? Nothing! So why not to try? And I made this step. Signed up on this site and you know....I don't regret! I feel that my happiness is close now) It's just a feeling but usually my intuition doesn't fail me. Why should it fail this time? So you - everyone who is reading this - try, take a risk, go towards your happiness. No one can survive alone in this world. So we all deserve to find our second half and survive together!

Ladies before you judge a man or yourself think about a few things.
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Ladies it is very obvious we are on a dating site and as such we are all here to try to find what we are missing in our lives. We are here to either mend a broken heart and/or find a real and serious commitment which may lead to a meeting and possibly a future marriage. Those of us who have been in failed or unloving relationships know it is never easy to open ourselves and trust easily again. We came here and made ourselves vulnerable once again in the hope that this time it will be different. We are here looking for love and a very sincere and honest person to share this love with. Having said this I will now address the point of this blog. All to often I am written to and when I do not reply, the very next letter I receive is one that is almost hurtful to read. Why is it that the first thoughts that so many ladies here immediately put forth are most often judgemental in nature? For example: I was immediately told I am not serious and only here for games and fun. I was called a fake and a man who is only interested in playing with a lady's emotions. I was told I am not a real gentleman because I did not reply to a lady's letter. In my defense, I clearly state in my profile, the fact I am here only to be with one very special lady. Then there are those ladies who immediately began the self destructive criticisms of them not being good enough for me. They asked what is wrong with them, to old, to fat, to ugly? I want to set each and every one of you straight on the very REAL reasons many men here do not reply to your letters. 1.) We are in a very serious relationship already and come here to plan a future meeting with our lady. 2.) It would cost a small fortune to answer every single letter we receive. 3.) It is a dating site and not every woman here appeals to every man. 4.) We are not interested in communicating with you and our silence is our way of saying this. We are all adults here and the reality of life on sites such as this is letters will go unanswered. Before you allow yourselves to entertain any negative thoughts about a man who chose not to reply to you. Read his profile and seriously consider if you are a woman who fits his desires and what he looks for. And please ladies if any man says in his profile he is here only to meet and chat with one special lady, understand he will not answer you. It is imperative to never jump to conclusions about the possible reasons a man does not answer you. Please don't judge or assume the worst in a man. And by all means, don't be so hard on yourselves and begin thinking all those negative things about yourselves. If you don't get a reply from a man in a few days simply accept he is not going to reply and move on. There is no reason to be upset and hurt by an unanswered letter.