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26 Jan 2019

If you feel - don't let go!!

by CharmingChara

How hard can it be?? How many times do I have to slip?? How many times you need to turn away or just hope for fate... So what's your opinion?? I think that the world around us is very difficult)), and in fact, each of us is waiting for the path that is designed for him)). Why do hundreds of people pass by without noticing each other at close distances, and those between which hundreds of kilometers feel like hearts beat in unison... Everyone who once found his happiness should keep it and achieve... It is the willpower that makes us those who do not feel obstacles.. and in the end gets a reward for it.. SO THERE YOU GO , IF ALL HIS OWN!!! IF YOU FEEL THE HEAT AND EXCITEMENT!! NEVER OTOSKI!! THE FACT THAT PEOPLE JUST MEET EACH OTHER ALREADY WORTH A LOT....AND THIS GIFT NEED TO HOLD TO THE LAST!!