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28 Jan 2019

Age difference

by Sault&Pepp3r

Hello to all my readers! My today post will be devoted to one of the most urgent topics of online dating – age difference and specifically to its variant that is most widespread here, when a man is 10+ years older than his lady. Some men I have talked to have raised this issue in our conversations and said they were worried about having such a big gap of age between us. But my personal opinion has always been that love has no age and it is not significant how much difference spouses actually have until they are comfortable with each other. True happiness comes from unity of souls and minds, when people are on same wavelength. The main things for me in relationship are love, understanding and mutual respect. And these have nothing to do with the age, have they? Moreover, when a person is mature and has already some experience, he knows the value of sincere devotion and will never give it up for some adventure or fun. He will appreciate every moment with his beloved and treat her as a gift from God. Another issue is opinion of society and many people consider such marriages weird, thinking that in such unions both partners seek more profit than true feelings. But I want to say that no one knows your true story and if you can see and feel that you and your partner are sincerely in love, never mind anyone and just follow your own way to happiness! What is your position on age difference? Are there other pros and cons I forgot to mention? Thanks for reading) Ekaterina