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29 Jan 2019

Older men, younger women

by Carl:48756

I have been thinking about this for a while and as a 72 year old man, I am wondering why older men seek younger women and vice versa, why younger women seek older men for marriage. The reason for me wondering about this is that I receive many messages from younger women and just do not understand it. Also, as an older man, I am flattered that I receive so many messages from such beautiful young ladies. But, I have to be honest with the young ladies here. You must realize that a 72 year old man cannot keep up with you, do the things you might like to do and you have your whole life ahead of you and I am on the downside of my life. I know it is sad, but that the way it is. I do have to say that I am flattered by all the messages I get, but it starts to make me wonder if all the messages are for real or just a way to get me or any man to buy more credits on this site. I just do not know and that scares me some. To all the young ladies in the 20's and early 30's, maybe you should be looking for a man from the late 30's to 50. For the ladies 40 and above, you might want to seek a man in your age group or older. The only thing I wish is that I knew about all the beautiful ladies and their lifestyles in your country when I was younger. It would be nice if I received some responses to this blog, especially from the younger ladies.