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29 Jan 2019

Love and chores.

by Sunny_Sveta

Did you do chores today? I guess you are surprised with my question already. As a mature woman I know that sweet and happy times of a couple may last up to a few months and then partners start living together. Only time will tell if they are both ready to work on their relationship to keep it happy. Doing of chores is a necessary thing. Will partners act as a team or their duties will not be equal? I found interesting info. Lots of Ukrainian men were asked if they are ready to help a woman with doing of chores and you will be surprised with their answers. Or maybe you will not be surprised? We will see! Majority of married Ukrainian men answered that cleaning and laundry it’s a woman’s duty only. 31% of men are ready to help a wife. 59% told that they never do a chores. Also men admitted that they are ready to fix different broken things in a house. Men spend 15 hours per week for doing of some work inside a house. Women spend 29 hours for doing of chores. The most interesting thing is that 89% of men like the current state of things. And the 62% think that women like it too! So it’s the way a couples lives in Ukraine. I hope that this info was interesting for you to read. What answers would give men from different countries I wonder? Would it be similar to answers of Ukrainian men or different?