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29 Jan 2019

From positive woman)

by Elena_Beauty_BLOND

Do you know why that first minutes of communication are so important? I talk about live communication now. That’s because you have just one chance to make a first impression on a person. So it depends on you if it will be good or not. What thing catches your attention when you start to communicate with a partner for the first time? Maybe “honesty” will be your answer to my question? But you don’t know if your partner is honest because it's just a first meeting. What else? In my opinion smile and positive points of view on many things are very important. So I pay attention to these things during the first minutes of live communication. I am a very open and positive woman. And I stay positive even if I have bad times. I believe that only positive person can make its own dreams come true. As you maybe know there are 3 types of people. Pessimists, realists, and optimists. An optimist believes that the best is yet to come. Realist lives today only. A pessimist sees most of the things in dark colors. What type of person are you? I am sure that hope for a better is a very important thing to have. It does not allow us to stop, it gives us powers to move forward no matter what. A hope of optimists is extremely strong and it gives a lot of energy. I know so much about it because I describing myself now. Maybe you will be surprised but I cry rarely. There is no time to cry. There is time to have hope and to move forward. Is your hope is as strong as mine?