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29 Jan 2019

So different, so similar.

by Darya_Love

I am sure you heard lots of times such famous words as “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. It's not a secret that men and women are different. And there are lots of differences between them. For example, men are ruled by logic but women are ruled by emotions in most of the cases. The brain of man works differently from the brain of a woman. And the topic I want to discuss today is – what is the best way to find a common language to man and woman if they want to build something special. Man and women can not understand reasons of actions of each other often and it may lead to problems sometimes. In my opinion, the basic need of man and woman is the same. They are want to love and to be loved. Its normal to each person to have this wish. It's very important to feel that someone loves and cares about you. It's important to feel that you are not alone in this big world. Each of us wants to have a soulmate and to build a lifetime relationship. It should be a starting point for partners who want to build something special. Yes, they have lots of differences but basic need is the same. What else? It’s necessary for partners to have similar points of view on some important things such as life, family, work etc. It will not be a problem if they like a different type of burgers. But it will be a problem if one partner is a family oriented person but another partner is career oriented. Do you know what I am talking about? So the main line of my message is that if partners have similar points of view on important things then they have a good chance to make each other happy.