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29 Jan 2019


by Andrew:372369

Hello ladies and gents. Thx for reading another blog.of mine. We all get mail on this site and we all hope to meet just one real person among the many here looking for something other than love. A recent trend in emails i receive is that wealthy women from wealthy families want to go on shopping spree's or invest their money in the USA under my supervision or want me to come and work for their wealthy Dad's. Ladies, or agency managers, why do you allow such emails and such predators to send these mails or get into the territory of such topics? A real man, a wise man, a man that does NOT need a woman for money but instead wants her love would never fall for this type of deception. I feel as if.someone somewhere has actually fallen for these tricks. Also, to be fair, men on the site also speak about their wealth and the lifestyles they live and can provide. Yes, some men and women both mutually enter into this type of marriage/slavery agreement. Were my words too harsh? Slavery? Or is the word "trade" a better one. A person trades their body and to me for a high lifestyle even when age and appearance are obvious issues is not my cup.of tea. When i read a profile or email that says "age and appearance do.not matter, i just want to be loved" i simply laugh and push the delete button. We all know that real compatibility comes from age and appearance along with intellect and humor. But to ignore someone's appearance seems inconceivable to me. However if i was married to someone who became disfigured of course that would be different, but upon meeting someone declaring that age and appearance don't matter seems to be completely dishonest! The more i write here and ask for input the less input i get. It's OK that no one reads these but if you read, please leave your own input. As for me, i am always available for someone serious. I won't beg but i do ask that anyone writing to be real with serious but causal with me and to.imagine a conversation where wr both sit across from each other. In the dark a body like someone else's body may be mistaken but the eye's NEVER LIE! I want to chat on video with someone and see their eyes. I have said this over and over and will say it again. I don't want to see you in lingerie right away. I just want to be able to.start on equal ground. Have a good day and please be honest on this site. Thx...we all deserve a minimum of honesty.